Monday, January 24, 2011


Here's another cut and paste style file from my vintage clothing collection.....

This one is for the tomboy in all of us!  Mirroring the Beatnik trend emerging this season.  The thinker of the pack who is increasingly aggravated by those scantily clad teenage girls of today who's moto is reflected in their 'less is less' fleshy ensemble's.  Preferring to take the intellectual high road she mixes vintage patterns with bits from her boyfriends closet.  Smalltown boy is an old school dance tune with upbeat inflections.....echoing this 90s 'Degrassi High' inspired direction.

'Fiorucci' Shirt, faded jeans and shoes will all be available for purchase as soon as I figure out all this web jargon!
I will be shooting all the vintage bits I found in LA this Thursday so hope to have all ready for blast off by 6th of Feb.

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